Our Seasonal Menu 

  1. $ 12
    Sichuan Chicken Wings
    Chicken wings that has been marinating overnight with Asian spices, then deep fried to golden tender perfection, dusted with Sichuan pepper that will leave you wanting more.
  2. $ 12
    Pork Sang Choy Bau - (GF)
    A delicate balance of Chinese style savoury mince served in a crisp lettuce cup topped with an alluring fragrance of fresh herbs.
  3. $ 14
    Beef Satay (GF)
    Deconstructed Beef Satay, this popular South-East Asian dish is sweet and fragrant. Home made peanut sauce with a pleasant heat.Seared prime marinated beef, a perfect start.
  4. $ 14
    Thai Fish Cakes - (GF)
    Fresh taste of the fish, spices, and herbs combined into these simply delicious hot and juicy cakes. Served with cooling cucumber and roasted peanut relish and a squeeze of lime juice is absolutely tantalizing.
  1. $ 26
    Sweet & Sour Pork
    An elegant Chinese favourite that combines marinated pork, pineapple and vegetables to create a perfect balanced dish.
  2. $ 30
    Sticky Asian Beef Short Ribs - (GF)
    These beef ribs have been braised in a homemade Asian master stock, then smothered in an Asian reduction sauce finished with toasted sesame seeds, that will leave you licking your fingers.
  3. $ 24
    Chicken Teriyaki
    A timeless Japanese technique, this teriyaki chickens perfection lies in the sweet sticky dressing with notes of ginger, garlic, and honey.
  4. $ 28
    Drunken Chicken - (GF)
    Twice cooked chicken, this chicken is poached in Chinese alcohol, then deep fried till its skin is golden brown and tender, served on a bed of Asian greens. It’s simply delicious.
  5. $ 26
    Beef Char Kway Teow - (GF)
    This lushest rice noodle dish is one of the most popular noodle dishes in Malaysia. Its simplicity of marinated beef, seasonal vegetables and rice noodles, placed in a hot wok and stir fried with fresh herb and spices is seriously scrumptious.
  6. $ 15
    Village Style Fried Rice - (GF)
    A combination of Chinese sweet sausages, vegetables and eggs that is intertwined with fragrant jasmine rice, stir fried together to become one tasty dish.
  7. $ 18.5
    Thai Beef Salad - (GF)
    A vibrant salad, with layers of flavour, wok seared beef strips dressed with a sweet wine vinegar and finished with roasted peanuts and deep fried shallots.A mouth watering experience!

Side Dishes

  1. $ 4
    Steamed Jasmine Rice - (GF)
    This steam rice has a delicate floral fragrance with a slight nutty fully bodied flavour in each grain that perfectly accompanies any dishes.
  2. $ 10
    Seasonal Stir Fry Vegetables - (GF)
    A medley of seasonal fresh crisp vegetables that stir fried with Asian sauces, chillies and garlic combined together to become an unforgettable vegetable dish.
  3. $ 8
    Chinese Broccoli - (GF)
    Tender poached Chinese Broccoli served with oyster sauce and garlic. It’s simplicity is something not to be missed.


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  1. $ 12
    Banana & Date Cake
    A lavish moist cake combined with bananas, date, and a hint of mixed spice. It has a light crumb which is served with a delicate caramel sauce and chantilly cream
  2. $ 10
    Chinese Mango Pudding - (GF)
    This heavenly dessert offers a combination of fresh mango and soft pudding indulgence. It's creamy and smooth texture compliments well with rich and fragrant mango flavour.
  3. $ 12
    Dark Chocolate Brownies
    Be tempted to the dark devilish side with this rich indulgence of chocolate delight. Drenched in Black-Forest sauce with chantilly cream
  1. $ 4
    The Fizzy Stuff
    Coke, Coke Zero, Diet Coke and Lemonade (Bottled water also available for $ 3.50)
  2. $ 6
    Teas (hot)
    Chinese Green Tea, Jasmine Tea. Served per Pot, serves 2
  3. $ 4.50
    Apple or Orange .... go hand in hand.
  4. $ 3.50 p/p
    BYO is Welcome
    Alcohol Only.... We do charge a small fee for corkage. Includes supply of wine bucket & ice, glasses and champagne flutes.
(GF) - Denotes Gluten Free Food, Village Harvest Restaurant offers these foods as Gluten free but cannot 100% guarantee the process as it is a kitchen where other foods are also prepared. We take the upmost care to avoid cross-contamination on all (GF) items. Please advise our staff when ordering and we will do our best to cater to your requests. Thank you for your understanding.